The second edition of the LA Roadster Show Model Car Event is in the books and was a great success! Thanks to all the fantastic builders that came out to the show and wowed the public, hot rod industry insiders, and the LA Roadsters members themselves. We filled the tables to capacity with some of the highest quality models you will find anywhere.

We even got some pillars of the hot rodding community to participate, including the legendary Gene Winfield!

lA roadsters show and swap 2017

model car Event

While everyone was a winner that showed up, here are the results of the people’s choice and special awards that were available to a select few:

Top 5 People’s Choice, in no particular order-

     Jim Bunch                                        ’67 Mustang Pro Mod
     Michael Apodaca                             ’59 Chevy
     John Teresi                                      Carl Casper Phone Booth
     Tommy Ivo Dodge Dart                    Mark Killingsworth
     ’31 Ford Truck                                 Ken Cornett

Best Engine, selected by Mike Herman of H&H Flatheads:

     Ron Ramsey                                    ’32 Sedan Street Rod

Best Paint, selected by Gene Winfield:

     John Teresi                                      Freak Show

Best Roadster, selected by LA Roadsters Club members:

     Charles Ruth                                    ’37 Ford “Obnoxious”

LA Roadster’s President’s Pick

     John Teresi                                         P29 Roadster

​Very special thanks to Tamiya USA, Edelbrock, PJ1 and Pegasus Hobbies for supporting the show this year!


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