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This build is a freak show alright!  If you have never seen John Teresi’s work, you are probably the only person in the world who hasn’t.  Every part of this car is either highly modified or scratch built.  John told me that he used no less than six different kits to build this replica.

Charlie Ruth found this rare Monogram 1/25 scale Land Rover and had a great vision on this four month build.

Fujimi makes some fine kits and Rob Hart put this one together very nicely.  This 1/24 scale Ferrari F-430 Challenge Car is exceptionally built.   Rob did a nice job with the Retro gulf Blue & Orange colors.

The hand painted flames on this 1959 Caddy is absolutely, stunningly beautiful! I believe that this is the first time this build has been displayed in a show. This is a John Teresi build using a Revell kit.

Ryan Cancino did it again with this 1/24 scale Fire Red Tamiya 1966 Volkswagon Beetle build.  This six month build has a plethora of scratch built parts.

It is hard to believe that Ryan Cancino’s 1/24 scale Raptor Ford is a Revell Snap-Tite Kit.  All of the modifications from the running boards to the photo etch electronics are amazing.  This build is cool!

This unbelievable 1/8 scale model is the replica of the real Carl Casper phone booth.  The paint on this 98% scratch built model is top notch.  John Teresi has incredible model building technics and style.  I could write a book on the model alone!

The #46 is synonymous with super bike racing.  Paul Cadwell has done a nice job on this Tamiya 1/12 scale Yamaha YZR-M1 04 kit.  Shot with Tamiya Dark Metallic Blue and sporting aftermarket decals.

Ryan Cancino put a big block this 1950’s Revell C10 Pick-up.  This six month build sports a flocked interior and a scratch built suspension, with a toolbox and motor detail.

Some models just look perfect!  This Ken Cornett build is one of those models.  Base kit used was the Monogram Little Big “T”, 1/24 scale painted with Tamiya Italian Red.

If you are a fan of F1, Paul Cadwell’s Lotus 72C, 1/20 scale Ebbro kit, is just for you!  This kit is Ebbro’s first attempt to release a 1/20 F1 model kit, and it’s a winner right away!

This Watson-inspired Monogram 1958 T-Bird has a deep/rich House of Kolor Violet Pearl paint with Pearl Silver pin stripes.  This was an eight-month build. Ken Cornett put on a coat or two of House of Kolor paint to make this a spectacular picture.

This resin with metal kit is a BRM P83, 1/20 scale car, which was a five month build by Paul Cadwell.  This 1967 Model Factory Hiro kit was painted with Tamiya Racing Green.

This highly detailed Revell  1/16 Rain for Rent Top Fuel Dragster by  Mark Killingsworth was a five month build.  Multiple scratch built parts with aftermarket Pro-Tech braided lines and fittings were incorporated into this build.

Charlie Ruth’s vision of this 1/25 scale AMT Monkey Mobile is superb!  All of the graphics are hand drawn and the murals are hand painted.  This model has a multitude of scratch built parts.

Ron Ramsey was able to restyle the Orange Crate body to fit Revell’s 1932 Ford Chassis.  Ron is known for his historic drag cars, so this build is a bit different.  House of Kolor Cobalt Blue was the paint applied to this model.

One of the coolest models at the show was Jim Bunch’s AMT 1925 T-Rex.  Jim used a fish bowl T-Tex Head in the bed of this truck and prepared a fiberglass base for it to set on with a cactus as an accoutrement.  Excellent job!

AMT’s 1937 Chevy 3 in 1 Gasser never looked better!   Ryan Cancino used Metallic Red on this quarter mile Rocket!  This was a one year build.