Pro tech

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Pro Tech's braided line is the absolute standard in the industry (PTMC 19 – PTMC 24). It has been specially engineered by us to produce the most accurate looking braided line available. In addition, PRO TECH’s braided line is manufactured with a core so line will not collapse when bent at sharp angles. 


Pro Tech is also the innovator of the one-piece photoetch hood pin (PTMC 6) and a new design on the photoetch five point racing harness set (PTMC 17) allows the modeler to use high quality photoetch parts with the increased ease of installation that these parts provide.

Pro Tech offers a full line of other innovative products as well, such as ignition boxes, spark plug wire, photo-etch nut and bolt heads and a host of others that will bring your builds to the next level.

Morgan Automotive Detail

Quality car parts

Salvino's JR 


Morgan Automotive Detail is a well-reputed resin caster in the car modeling industry, and when MAD came up with the pre-wired distributor that they now offer, it was revolutionary. Pre-wired distributors are one of the most time-saving parts you can add to a model that adds the realism you're looking for. The problem is, many times accuracy is sacrificed


MAD's distributor is different because the wires are cast in the appropriate colored resin, with the wired correctly protruding from the accurate-looking cap. So instead of the distributor looking like a bundle of wire, it truly has the "look" a builder wants.

Laski Scale Specialties carries this product because it is the best product at the best price.

Salvino's JR Models is a new kid on the block when it comes to offering full-detail model kits. Their first kit, available May 2018, is the Buddy Baker Gray Ghost Oldsmobile, the 1980 Dayton 500 winner.


This is the first of several future releases, so check back often to see what's new from Salvino's JR Models.